What We Aim To Do

Our goal is to host a coalition-based gun violence prevention strategy conference for young adults showing that an assault against one marginalized community is an assault against us all, therefore furthering an intersectional approach to crafting local gun violence prevention strategies.

About the Seminar

This event will take place in Washington DC from November 8th-10th in 2019. It will engage 18-25 year olds, allowing them to utilize the brainpower, expertise, and energy of an intersectional network of gun violence prevention activists in order to tackle the unique issues they face in their home communities. The event will provide attendees with the opportunity to connect, learn, plan, ask questions, strategize, build trust, establish accountability, and be inspired by one another. By building coalitions that reach across lines of difference and transcend both organizational spheres and identity politics, we will actively work toward creating unity within — and harnessing the collective power of — the wider gun violence prevention movement.

Event takeaways

When participants leave this event, they will walk away having gained:

  • A strong peer led network

  • Mentors from various gun violence prevention organizations that can provide future advice and support

  • Resources they need to combat gun violence in their home communities

  • A year-long, inter-community action plan for their ongoing, local gun violence prevention advocacy

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